Lance Anderson                              
                                        Original oil paintings by Malibu,California Artist      


    "I create representational art on canvas in oils. My paintings are strongly influenced by my experience in the film industry. I view my subjects much like the camera, setting up scenes that draw the viewer into the painting on a personal level.

    I try to instill a sense of action in each painting, as though something has or will be happening...like an interesting single frame from a movie."




This is a series of Pulp style paintings I did. 
I was inspired by the 1930's and 40's Pulp magazines of that time.  To be authentic, like the early artists, I intentionally left the upper part of the painting clear for the graphics that would have been put in by the publishing company.  Here I have added the graphic's in Photoshop so they could be made into giclee's without altering the originals.
                                                   Original oil on canvas